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Here are links to online resources of use and interest to cat owners and animal lovers:

"We have found no greater reward in life than watching the beautiful transformation that takes place after we have rescued a homeless, starving, terrified little animal that has known only suffering, and by giving it patient, loving care, watch it gradually blossom into a gentle, affectionate, elegant, silky coated creature. We have proven over and over that there is indeed a universal language understood by all living creatures, and it is called Love."

Elk Lake Veterinary Hospital: long-time participant in Victoria Cat Rescue's programs and provider of quality medical care for our clients.
Elk Lake Veterinary Hospital
Victoria Adoptables: Victoria Adoptables is dedicated to facilitating adoption of stray and rescued dogs and cats in the Greater Victoria area.
Victoria Adoptables
Victoria Animal Control Services: Victoria Animal Control Services have cats available needing forever homes.
Victoria Animal Control Services
Cat First Aid: This is an excellent pet first aid guide from the Veterinary Information Network, with information on what to do in case of emergency, as well as how to identify common ailments and what to do when they are discovered.
Cat First Aid

Cat Care Forum: VIN have put out a comprehensive cat care forum online, with resources on all subjects pertaining to cat care. It covers everything from choosing a kitten, to grooming and feeding.

Cat Care Forum

Pet Poison Guide: This is a pet poison guide from the American Veterinary Medical Association. It shows common poisons pets get into, levels of toxicity, and what to do if your pet is exposed to them.

Pet Poison Guide

Cat Care: A comprehensive cat care site that is detailed, including first aid, common ailments, and basic care. It is designed in a way that is quite easy to navigate.

Cat Care

Meower Power: The Meower Power Feral Cat Coalition web site has information for communities and veterinarians about feral cats, and how to deal with them humanely and effectively.The site also contains valuable cat care info.

Meower Power

Animal Rights Canada: The web site of Animal Rights Canada, an umbrella resource for people concerned with animal rights in Canada.

Animal Rights Canada

Prevention of Cruelty Act: The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act from the Queen's Printer. It is the unofficial online version.

Prevention of Cruelty Act

Animal Alliance of Canada: these people are commited to the protection of animals and to the promotion of a harmonious relationship between animals and people.

Animal Alliance of Canada

The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies: a national charitable organization working to improve conditions for all animals across Canada.

The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies

Volunteer Animal Rescue Association: A No-Kill, Non-Profit rescue dedicated to ending the needless suffering of innocent animals and striving to Make A Difference

Volunteer Animal Rescue Association

Progressive Animal Welfare Society: PAWS advocates for animals through education, legislation and direct care.

Progressive Animal Welfare Society

Brindleweb BC Pet Rescue Resource: A listing directory of pet rescue resources throughout BC, including cat, dog, ferret, and other organizations.

Brindleweb BC Pet Rescue Resource

Vancouver Humane Society: dedicated to the humane treatment of animals. Encourages individuals, organizations, and governments to take responsibility for the welfare and rights of domestic animals and wildlife influenced by human activities.

Vancouver Humane Society

Meow Aid: a small, non-profit organization, committed to easing the suffering of homeless cats by sheltering them until a good home can be found, and by promoting the practice of spaying and neutering.

Meow Aid is a great place to go if you are looking for web resources of any sort on the island. They have a thorough directory of local community, government, and business organizations online.
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