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Lacey and Casey

We are in need of a few more short term foster homes.

WE provide all the food, litter, and vet care

If you are interested in helping, please email

Meet our foster cats:

All of our foster cats are spayed or neutered prior to adoption, are vet checked (including a complete blood panel and FIV/FeLeuk screen), and are in excellent health unless otherwise specified. We have very few foster homes, and there are so many homeless cats... If you would like to adopt, or meet a foster cat in person, please phone us at 250-656-1100 or email us at Our adoption fee is $300.

Two Sweethearts - Available for Adoption
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Sylvester - Available for Adoption
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Lovely Pair of boys - Available for Adoption
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Jill and her Kitten - Available for Adoption
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Countess and King - Available for Adoption
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Ivy - Available for Adoption
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Twix and Snickers - ADOPTED!
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Trixie - ADOPTED!
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Zoomie - ADOPTED!
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Daisy, Lily and Rosie - ADOPTED!
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Jack and Teddy - ADOPTED!
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Skye & Bramble - ADOPTED!
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Stanley - ADOPTED!
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Atlas and Ophelia - ADOPTED!
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Georgia - ADOPTED!
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Bianca and Ava - ADOPTED!
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We love these animals!
You could fall in love with them too! They all need loving, permanent homes...
and our thanks to those who have adopted an animal in need!

Anna & Beatrice

Anna & Beatrice - ADOPTED!
(Added: July 3, 2020)

This bonded mom and kitten would love to find a home together. They are both very affectionate, playful, and outgoing. Beatrice (kitten) is very busy and likes to sit on your shoulder! She likes to climb right up you and get on your shoulder! Anna (mom) is a very young cat, likely just turning a year. She came into care with her only kitten, and just dotes on her!

They travelled together all the way from Manitoba to start a new life on the island!

August of 2020

Josh & Margo

Josh & Margo - ADOPTED!
(Added: July 3, 2020)

Josh and Margo were available for adoption. They are sweet, loving and playful. They are looking for a loving, responsible home. Please get in touch if you are interested in applying for these sweet kittens!

July of 2020

Wally & Sid


Wally & Sid - ADOPTED!
(Added: August 2, 2020)

These bonded brothers were looking for a very loving home, where they would get a lot of attention.

These kittens love to be with their humans and are best suited for a home where they will receive a lot of attention and play time.  They would be good with older children. 

They need space to race around and play, as they are quite active.

August of 2020



Sadie & Ilsa

Two beautiful kittens - ADOPTED!
(Added: August 2, 2020)

We had two beautiful 9 week old kittens looking for a home where they can stay in a pair!

They are deeply bonded, and were rescued from a high volume pound in Manitoba. They have made their journey to Victoria and we hope they can be adopted in sibling pairs.

These are very well adjusted kittens, who are extremely loving and trusting. They are full of life, fearless, and eating and playing like crazy! They are best suited for an adult home or one with older kids, as they are very much underfoot! They are very active and enjoy space to race around!

August of 2020

Moe, Millie & Eva



Moe & Millie

Eva, Millie & Moe - ADOPTED!
(Added: July 2, 2020)

Three adorable 11 week old siblings were available for adoption – they are best buddies and hopefully they can find a loving home together. Moe (black and white boy) and his two sisters (Millie – tabby and Eva – black with some white) are extremely sweet and playful. They love getting their heads and tummies rubbed and adore playing together. Millie is very adventurous and confident, Eva is sometimes shy and very gentle, Moe is happy and playful and can boss his sisters around. A joyful addition to any home! We would love to see these three live out their lives together but will also consider other options as long as they are placed with another friendly cat for companionship!

July of 2020


(Added: June 12, 2020)

We had a fabulous young cat looking for a very specific home! Lion is a beautiful, outgoing, and very busy nine month old kitten. He is vocal - he is smart - and he needs a young playful cat friend in his new home. Lion also needs a home where his cat parents will spend a lot of time playing and interacting with him.

This is NOT a cat who will be happy sitting in front of the window all day! Lion is also very athletic, so he needs a home with some space to race around in. He is best suited for a home who is comfortable with a kitty who likes to climb on everything! He would also be happy with a nice tall cat condo so he can climb and use his muscles! Lion has quite the vocabulary, so you should enjoy a cat that will talk a lot.

Lion came into care from the fabulous rescuers at K9 Advocates in Manitoba and is happy to start a new life on the island!!! He has been in a loving foster home, who is also fostering young kittens an Lion can be found mothering the kittens! This is a very beautiful active cat who was looking for the right match!

June of 2020

Zoe & Belle

Zoe and Belle - ADOPTED!
(Added: May 5, 2020)

Zoe and Belle were looking for a loving home together. They had been in foster care where they had free run of a house and have been given a lot of attention and playtime. They are not used to small children. They were relaxed around my dog when they met him, prior to being placed in a foster home.

Belle (dilute calico) is extremely outgoing and full of life!
Zoe is a sweet little girl, but is a bit more reserved. Zoe sometimes runs away from her foster dad, and we are not sure if she had an incident in her past that has made her cautious around certain men. She is he is sweet and loving, just a little worried at times. I am sure she will get past this with some patience as she is young and adaptable.

They are beautiful inside and out.
They are both spayed - they have had their vaccines plus a booster - they are negative for Felv and FIV and they have been microchipped .

May of 2020

Pilot & Bree



Pilot & Bree - ADOPTED!
(Added: January 28, 2020)

These two are full of beans! They are outgoing, friendly cats who demand a lot of human interaction.
They want to be on your lap a lot, and want to engage. These boys are not suitable for a busy home where people are out a lot. They are athletic and would not do well in a very small space as they need room to run!
They need a home where their family will spend time snuggling and playing with them. They love dogs, and cuddle with the big friendly dog in their foster home.

They are six months old and are still very kitten-like. They are curious, love to explore and play games, and mastered cat puzzles in minutes! They are very smart!
They have been neutered, vaccinated, FIV/Felv tested and are negative, and have had milbemax for deworming and revolution to make sure they are flea free.
They have been fed a high quality grain free kitten kibble and top quality canned foods! They are healthy kittens!

March of 2020


Cammi - ADOPTED!
(Added: January 27, 2020)

Hi, My name is Cammi I am looking for a Forever home, but frankly I have some high standards. I am round and beautiful, and I adore food. My previous foster family pleased me greatly and fed me yummy treats when I was in the kitchen with them. Unfortunately this family eats strange plant foods, and does not give me any of their yummy food (if they have any). I love to have company, it pleases me greatly when humans are around. I love to cuddle, but I have my limits - please ensure you follow my lead or I will let you know when I am displeased. I have met some smaller humans recently, and while I really love the warmth of them - they confuse me and I get a bit cranky if they touch me too much. I have learned that it is best for me to find my solitary spot and keep my distance. I love blankets, and warm beds and I will give you kisses and cuddles and even sleep at the foot of your bed, but please watch those feet! If you wake me with those feet, I might get mad, I can't quite control my anger when I am disturbed. I would very much like to have home that has humans there most of the time, I get lonely by myself, but I do like to sleep a lot. I pretend I don’t like toys, but put a bit of catnip on a toy and I can go to town! For food, I like to be fed in the morning and at supper time, and I love shreds, and chunks. Beef and pork not so much and pates are yukky. I really like my water away from my food too and if its dirty I will let you know. Please, I love my dry food too, I like to pick and graze throughout the day. I'm a great companion - even if I do say so myself. I really want someone to love, but I love quiet and really like to stay nearby my favourite human. If you are interested in becoming my favourite human - we should meet! I am a great judge of character!

February of 2020


Shy Tabbies

Shy Tabbies - ADOPTED!
(Added: January 16, 2018)

These are lovely cats. They are not feral, but not relaxed enough to be ready for adoption. Are you able to:

Provide a safe, quiet space for them to adjust during the transition from our place to yours? A spare room would be ideal. A quiet household - these kitties are not suitable for small children and a lot of commotion. Are you comfortable with a cat that will be very shy at first, and might just need you to take him/;her treats a few times a day and quietly sit with them? They are used to a very big friendly dog, as well as other cats.

These cats are very loving once they settle - they just need more experience and one on one attention. It is very rewarding if you are patient and have time to work with them.

January of 2020

Noir and Oreo

Noir and Oreo - ADOPTED!
(Added: October 23, 2019)

Abandoned outside, Noir and Oreo had come such a long way from their traumatizing beginnings.
They were equal parts sassy and adorable.  They love playing with their toy mice and will entertain with their antics.
They love to follow their foster sister around and copy what she does, and that is how they have learned to "cat"
Patience has been the key to  success for this pair.  They really really want to just love people and they will love a family that
cherishes how special they are.  They are very comfortable in their foster home now and they feel safe enough to relax.
There are two teenagers in their foster home and they are fine with them, as they are with the four resident kitties.
What they would truly love is a chill older sibling to continue their cat etiquette lessons. Noir still wants to "nurse" from his foster sister who .  You can see more of these two sweeties by going to the facebook page "Fostering Furballs" and check out all their cute photos and videos.

January of 2020

Brent and Oliver

Brent and Oliver - ADOPTED!
(Added: September 9, 2019)

These two beautiful 14 week old kittens were looking for a calm, loving home.
Oliver (left) is very outgoing and affectionate and just the sweetest kittens.
Brent (right) is a precious little guy who is a little on the timid side. He is loving and affectionate but does not like a lot of action and commotion.
He is best suited for an adult only home without a lot of people coming and going.
They are very fun, playful kittens who have had their vaccines and vet checkups.

January of 2020

Carlos and Tank

Carlos and Tank - ADOPTED!
(Added: October 9, 2015)

This beautiful pair of gorgeous black cats were looking for a loving home together -

Tank and Carlos are approximately 3 years old. They are extremely affectionate and loving. They have good energy in that they love to play but are not overly energetic. Their ideal home would be a calm and peaceful home where they would have some safe outdoor access such as a cat run or safe area. They are neutered, micro chipped, FIV/Felv negative and very healthy. They are best suited for a home that likes to spend time with and interact with their cats as they like attention.

February of 2016

Clayton and Miss Ellie

Clayton and Miss Ellie - ADOPTED!
(Added: April 9, 2015)

Clayton and Miss Ellie were looking for a peaceful, loving home where they could stay together -

Clayton was by far the most affectionate cuddler his foster parents have ever met. He's a lap cat to the 9th degree and would like to have a forever home where he will receive the love and kisses he craves. Miss Ellie, his partner in crime is also affectionate, but her adoptive parents will have to be patient and earn her trust. This will be fairly simple in a home where there is not alot of loud noises and busyness, where she can be gently encouraged to get over her nervousness and come to you. She is a loving cat who is very playful and has a wonderful personality that shines through when she trusts you. These two are a bonded pair and should be adopted as a couple, preferably in a home without small children. Clayton is approximately 4-7 years old and Miss Ellie is likely about 2. Their early years were spent living outside; now they have grown accustomed to enjoy the comforts of the indoors and have shown no interest in going outside since in foster care. They both like high spaces, Miss Ellie especially and would like to be given her own spaces in your home that are elevated if possible.

February of 2016


Jake - (Special Needs ) - ADOPTED!
(Added: October 21, 2011)

Jake is a gorgeous short haired black and grey tabby 3yead old male tabby. He is extremely shy and needed a very patient, loving home who will let him take the time he needs to relax and unwind. He adores other cats, is good with dogs, but is shy extremely shy around people - therefore he was listed as special needs.

January of 2015

Tabby Boy

Tabby Boy - ADOPTED!
(Added: February 11, 2014)

This beautiful tabby boy was rescued after being dumped in a rural area. Poor little guy was terrified and hungry when we first got him. He has been in a fabulous foster home is in his forever home. He will take some time to adjust as the change will be a bit scary for him, but once settled he will be a very loving boy. He got along well with the dog in his foster home and was best suited for a home without small children.

January of 2015


(Added: May 26, 2012)

Leon had had a very difficult life and was hoping to find a lifelong home where he would be treasured. Leon showed up at a feral feeding station and soon became friends with the person who feeds. This poor guy was most likely dumped and left to fend for himself over the miserable winter. When he was taken to the vet to be neutered, it was discovered that this poor guy had a very swollen, red mouth with several teeth that needed to be extracted. During the dental procedure, it was noted that he also had some fragments stuck in his gums and he is now feeling a lot better now that he is out of pain. Leon has recovered from this surgery and has found a fabulous barn home.

January of 2015


Solomon - ADOPTED!
(Added: May 5, 2011)

Solomon was found in a rural area and was likely dumped by someone. He made it through a dreadful winter surviving on his own, though he was in sad condition when we trapped him. He was matted to the skin and had to be completely shaved, and he was extremely skinny.
Solomon is an absolute treasure and obviously was once someone's much loved cat, but has been severely traumatized by being abandoned.

He is shy with new people but was extremely affectionate with his foster mom who has now adopted him. He curls up with her and snuggles.

January of 2015


Sally - ADOPTED!
(Added: August 7, 2013)

Sally lived in an industrial area raising kittens until the kind folks at the auto shop saw her and called for help. We were able to catch the current litter of kittens, and then Sally disappears. Almost an entire year later (and one cold winter) she was spotted and successfully trapped. She immediately bonded with her son, Jaxx (below) as he was still in foster care. She adores her son and would love to stay with him, but this was not necessary. She was very low maintenance as she did not like to be touched, but she loves to be near you.

March of 2014


(Added: September 29, 2010)

Jaxx was a very loving and affectionate 2 year old male cat. Healthy and happy cat.
He was adopted with his mother, Sally (above) - who was very shy but deeply bonded with him.

March of 2014

Elliott Jr.

Elliott Jr. - ADOPTED!
(Added: August 7, 2013)

Elliott Junior is brother to Liza (below). He was adopted with her. Like Liza, he was very loving and affectionate but not comfortable with a lot of noise and action, so a home without children was a must for him.
He is going to be a large cat, he's very much maine-coon looking and may require some grooming. He was a lap-kitten and couldn't get enough attention!

February of 2014


(Added: August 7, 2013)

Liza was approximately three months old.
She came from a feral colony but you would never know it.
She has happily adapted to indoor life, seeks human companionship, loves to cuddle.
She does still get startled by fast, unpredictable motions and was suited for a home without young children. She was happily adopted with her brother, Elliott Junior! (see above)

February of 2014

Mook and Naira

Mook and Naira - ADOPTED!
(Added: November 19, 2012)

Mook (orange female) and Naira (tabby male) had made huge progress in their foster home and were ready for a permanent home. Naira was a fabulous cat, who loves attention and is very affectionate. Mook was more reserved, but looks to Naira for her courage. These two adore each other and are deeply connected. We loved to see them go to a loving home, together. They will definitely be scared when they first moved, but are fun-loving adorable kittens who will blossom in their new caring environment.

August of 2013

Wallace Kittens

Wallace Kittens - ADOPTED!
(Added: September 19, 2012)

All three Kittens have been adopted together!

Three beautiful kittens were available for adoption in October/November

These three beautiful kittens were rescued from a busy road and are quite shy/traumatized.
They had found a great foster home where they are getting lots of TLC and getting used to the sounds of being indoors and are making huge progress. They were best suited for a quiet home.

January of 2013


George - ADOPTED!
(Added: November 20, 2012)

This guy was a fabulous cat. First thought to be a feral cat – he was rescued from near a Midas Muffler Shop when the caring staff called for help with a mom and kittens. George may have been the dad – who knows, but fortunately he walked into a trap. Neighbors later confirmed that this poor guy had lived on his own for at least four years, seeking shelter under an abandoned shed until the shed was demolished. He was very wild when first caught – and was going to be a candidate for a barn home if he was able to calm down a bit. Well...this poor guy was no feral cat – he is an absolute mush who loves to be carried around and will actually take his two front arms and hug you! He is very comfortable with dogs and hangs out with his foster mom’s Maremma and Collie! He is also comfortable with multiple cats. George is up to date on all his shots, and has tested negative for FIV and Feline Leukemia.

December of 2012


Charlie - ADOPTED!
(Added: October 23, 2012)

Charlie was a two to four year old super friendly healthy male tabby searching for a loving home. Although he came from a background of neglect, he loved people and is very good with other cats. Dogs are an unknown as are small children so we were seeking a home with older children or adult only. He is up to date on all vetting and has tested negative for Feline Leukemia as well as FIV.

Charlie was cared for by the fabulous staff at Bosleys Royal Oak.

December of 2012


(Added: September 19, 2012)

This delightful boy was looking for a very loving home.
Sam is a 1-2 year old happy-go-lucky healthy, neutered male cat.
He fit into almost any household as he is extremely confident and has perfect cat social skills! He gets along well with dogs, cats, and people. He would prefer a without very young children but older kid would be fine as he loves affection and attention. He will jump on your lap and loves to play. He enjoys being outside in his foster-mom's enclosure but if you do not have an enclosed space he would do just fine indoors or on a harness and leash!

Sam was being cared for by the fabulous staff at Bosleys Royal Oak.

November of 2012


(Added: February 12, 2012)

Gus is a sweet, loveable 3 year old neutered male cat looking for a very loving home where he will get lots of love and attention. He was abandoned by his previous owners and has lived outside all winter long. He is so happy to be inside - and he is very happy to have regular meals. He still thinks every meal might be his last so he is very food-focused at the moment. This should change once he relaxes and knows that he will be fed and cared for.
Gus is up to date on all his shots, worming, and flea treatment. He has had his bloodwork checked by the vet and is negative for Feline Leukemia and FIV. He is very healthy and will be a lovely addition to your family. Best with adults or older children.

March of 2012


Simon - ADOPTED!
(Added: December 13, 2011)

Simon is a loveable, friendly outgoing 1 - 2 year old male cat.
He was dumped in a rural area and despite that trauma he is sweet, trusting, and affectionate.

He was neutered and given his shots, worming and flea treatment. He tested negative for FIV and feline leukemia.
He is healthy, happy, and very beautiful. The photo does not capture his striking looks!

February of 2012


Sadie - ADOPTED!
(Added: May 28, 2010)

Sadie was a very sweet, loving, five year old spayed tabby cat who was looking for a very loving home.
She is comfortable with dogs, cats, and gentle children. She is a very happy, adaptable cat.

June of 2011

Charlie and Brooke

Charlie and Brooke - ADOPTED!
(Added: September 29, 2010)

Brother and Sister who were looking for loving homes:

We had two black and white kittens, 4.5 months old looking for loving homes.  They are deeply bonded and it would be great if they could go in a pair, but this is not a requirement.

These kittens were dumped in a busy industrial area by a very cruel and careless individual.

They suffered tremendously as it took close to a month to locate and trap them as they were running in terror trying to find a safe place, which was scarce in a busy area full of dangers.   Fortunately someone near Walmart saw two of these little guys and called for help they were surviving on scraps of food and living in a ten foot high pile of tires behind a very busy car lot.  It is truly amazing that they lived.  What is hard to imagine is that these kittens had obviously lived in someones home as they clearly were not born outside - they are familiar with house sounds and people.  Although they are still fearful of new situations, they will blossom with a little time and will purr and enjoy cuddling.

They had been to the vet and have had their first exams, shot, worming and a flea treatment.  The vet felt that they are very healthy despite their terrible experience.

They have found a permanent, loving home so they will never have to suffer again. 

June of 2011


Domino - ADOPTED!
(Added: September 29, 2010)

Domino is a delightful, affectionate, laid-back ten month old neutered male kitty who was looking for a loving, responsible home.

He was caught in a live trap as part of a feral colony, though he is anything but feral!  Sadly no one ever came looking for him.  He was very, very thin and very neglected.

He has a fabulous temperament and a very gentle soul.

He is up to date on all vaccines, worming, and flea treatments.  He has also been tested and is negative for FIV and Feline Leukemia virus.

Domino  craves attention and deserves a new chance at life with a caring person as he has been fending for himself for some time.

He is a fantastic cat with a great personality.  

April of 2011


Vanessa - ADOPTED!
(Added: September 23, 2010)

This darling young girl had recently come into our care. She had been fending for herself outdoors - along with her four kittens. She found a caring person and brought her four little kittens onto their deck looking for food. They called us for help and we were able to trap mom and all four kittens - which is great because she was already surrounded by the local tom-cats and would be trying to survive in the cold weather with yet another litter.

Vanessa was been spayed, vaccinated, flea/worm treated and tested negative for FIV and Felv. She started to blossom with very good nutrition and rest. She is very shy (but calm) and not feral.

She is a gorgeous chocolate color and appears to be a Siamese mix.

April of 2011

Cher & Cindy

Cher & Cindy - ADOPTED!
(Added: July 20, 2010)

Two beautiful spayed sisters, 1 year old, healthy and happy and deeply bonded to each other.
They needed a quiet home without small children. Cher (tortie) is very loving and seeks attention. Cindy (tobie/tabby) is more reserved but is coming around with time and patience. They were placed together as they do not like to be far from one another.

September of 2010


Scooter - ADOPTED!

Scooter is a delightful 7 month old neutered male kitten looking for a loving home.
He has a beautiful temperament...playful, trusting, loving and outgoing.

He would not be happy living as an only cat so is looking for a home with another feline friend.
He is good with dogs and loves other cats.
Best suited for older children or an adult home.

September of 2010


Sammy - ADOPTED!

Sammy is a 1-2 year old female torbie who was rescued after being abandoned at a city apartment building.
She is a very easy going, affectionate cat who would love to have a family of her own. She has no issues...she uses her litter box 100% of the time, and loves to cuddle. She will make an awesome addition to most household, although younger children might be too much for Sammy.

December of 2009



This mother cat has had a very tough life before she was recued from the industrial area in Langford.
She was abandoned in a very busy shopping area where she was seen with two little kittens. Cat Rescue was able to rescue mom and one of her little kittens, but sadly the second kitten did not survive.
Shortly after coming into foster care, the vet discovered the Mimi was ready to deliver another litter of kittens.
She barely finished weaning her last litter before deliving four beautiful kittens who will be available for adoption soon. Needless to say, this has been very hard on her though she is a fabulous mom who gives her kittens a lot of love and attention. She is just over one year old so still very much a kitten herself.

October of 2009

Cher & Ingrid

Cher & Ingrid - ADOPTED!

Ingrid and Cher were looking for a very loving and patient home.
Both girls were rescued from the outdoors. They have come a very long way and are now craving attention and exploring with confidence.
They are five months old and still very playful and kitten-like.
Ingrid has medium hair and Cindy is short-haired. Both girls have stunning markings and sweet temperments
They were suited for adult-only homes and adore other cats and dogs.

October of 2009

Amazing kittens looking for great homes!

Amazing kittens looking for great homes! - ADOPTED!

These four kittens were born in foster care and are loving, curious and happy-go-lucky. They have known nothing but kindness and comfort...they have been raised on veterinary kitten diets and are bursting with health! They were very large kittens right from birth and have been fondly referred to as "the quarterbacks" by their foster family. They have just turned ten weeks and are ready for their new homes. They have had their first vet check and shots. Their mother, Mimi, is also available for adoption. The adoption donation to Cat Rescue Corp will also cover their spay and neuter at six months. They were raised in a family setting with a small dog and several other cats. None of them are suitable for homes with no other cats who work all day as they would be far too lonely and bored. They will need another friendly female or could be adopted with one of their siblings or their mother. Teddy is the largest and boldest of the group. He is definately the "leader of the pack" Ms. Trouble is right behind him and is a real little comedian and has been adopted! Shylo is more reserved but still quite engaging and curious and is just pure sweetness. Ghosy is peaceful, quite, and plays more cautiously. He has a very soft soul and is quite sensitive. He and Shylo are still very bonded with their mother but are showing more independence daily. They would both need a quieter, adult home.

May of 2010

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