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Our History

Our organization was founded in the late 1960's by the late Thora Scan lon Bonneau and her husband, Tommy Bonneau. Then known as the Bonneau Spay Fund, we were a small group of animal lovers determined to help the countless strays and abandoned animals in the Victoria area.

Helped by a local veterinarian, Dr. Alan Bonnell, we tried to educate the public on the importance of spaying and neutering to reduce the stray population, and offered assistance to those who could not afford veterinary costs. The organization became an incorporated society in 1984.

Thora and Tommy dedicated their life to rescuing and rehabilitating abandoned animals. Sylvia, an abandoned Silver Chincilla Persian, became their mascot and accompanied them to fundraising events. Although they and their volunteers helped any animal in distress, cats in vast numbers are the greatest victims of abandonment, cruelty and indifference, and their need is the greatest.

Sylvia Serena

  Thora wrote "We have found no greater reward in life than watching the beautiful transformation that takes place after we have rescued a homeless, starving, terrified little animal that has known only suffering, and by giving it patient, loving care, watch it gradually blossom into a gentle, affectionate, elegant, silky coated creature. We have proven over and over that there is indeed a universal language understood by all living creatures, and it is called Love."

To read more about Thora and her vision for us, click here.

Our Scrap Book
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Sylvia lovingly remembered in TC
Tribute to Sylvia in TC

"Passages" Times Colonist newspaper tribute to Thora Bonneau,  Feb. 1999
Tribute to Thora Bonneau in TC

Reward fund efforts for the arrest of animal abusers
Efforts to stop animal abusers

Tribute to Tommy Bonneau
Tribute to Tommy Bonneau
Thora and Sylvia photo taken by Ian McKain for the TC article
Thora and Sylvia photo
Thora and Sylvia in the Times Colonist
Thora andSylvia in TC
Tribute to Tommy
Tribute to Tommy
Thora and Tommy
Thora and Tommy

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